Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rebecca Revisited & Lessons learned

So - I have done about four of these of Rebecca -- I'm just trying to learn how to use the paints - I guess what I am doing is some kind of wet in damp - I think doing the light micron pen sketch first helped me to not overwork the watercolor -- but it's so very hard to -step away from the painting and STOP -

Then there's the paper thing -- this one is in the moleskine watercolor sketch book and so far I think I like this paper better than any thing else I currently have its softer-

But the best part is this was real quick and not muddy-- now to learn how to do quick little landscapes with out overworking -

LESSONS LEARNED - Less is more and- Simplicity is very very difficult - at least for me

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Starr said...

I have to remind myself of this lesson all the time. Especially in design work. But the key word you wrote was 'fun'. Isn't that what art is about. We should at least have fun while we're doing what we love. And in your work it shows that you are always having fun. Fun is good energy that shows. Thanks again Kathleen.