Monday, September 22, 2008

Neanderthal valley - Not as seen on TV

I have become a slug-- I am not posting -- not that anyone cares if I post - but I care because the whole point of this blog is to do it for me-- I want so much to learn quick sketching techniques to capture the moment and not slavishly copy my reference photos - and make up tight works of art -

- I sketched this in ink with a ball point pen while we watched a national geographic special on neaderthals last night- Kind of an imaginary landscape- I quickly painted it tonight so I could post something- I do like it and hope I can do more like this - I am becoming more comfortable with the paints and I do think they encourage speed and looseness

And thanks to Donnna aka the happy painter for sharing her link to the Painting and Drawing channel They have several great watercolor demos -


Starr said...

I have also been a slug. LOL! But I am an advent reader of yours, so I care:). I admire your sketch and that you accomplished it by watching a show. It's stunning and you will get better & better! So I have nominated you for a reward. You'll have to check my sluggish blog:)!

Kyfarmlife said...

Wow, your getting very good, and I joy reading your blog! So yes! We DO care! Keep on painting and tying new things...I too have been too busy to do much and I just hate that!

kazumiwannabe said...

I care too! This is a beautiful drawing, with great lines and shadows and wonderful colors! It works well with the subject, dawn of humanity (or I think you say eve of humanity - in french it's aube, and it means dawn).