Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Never Ending Vista (revisited) in colored pencil

The Never ending Vista (revisited)

Is a 40 minute 4"x7" piece of mediocre art a sketch or a drawing?

A favorite spot of ours in Wisconsin-- I did a larger version in colored pencil this was an exercise in speed - but it was not as speedy as I wanted it to be it took about 40 minutes to do this little 4x7 sketch - I tried it in watercolor and am not posting due to the extreme terribleness of the water color painter (me) -

I did a larger version in colored pencil about a year ago here is a link to the larger version which took about 8 hours working time -

Never Ending Vista original 8 hour version


Jan said...

Don't think your lack of posting has gone unnoticed. Even those of us who are perpetual lurkers noticed the lag and it is rather disconcerting, so I hope you keep to your previous pace. How happy it made me to see The Never Ending Vista Revisited (as I am the lucky recipient of the original.) I'd call it a drawing because to me a sketch is only done with pen or pencil, although I know that's not the official definition. Love you, Sista.

Out in the sticks said...

You do beautiful work and I love your blog. You've just gained a follower from New Zealand.