Monday, September 7, 2009

one more try

I tried this one once more- this time on canson mi tientes smooth side - I got some things right but I'm still having trouble with the leaves and the dark bunches of leaves-- I think I keep making them too much alike - I like the background and the sunrise and the fore ground- but I have to study trees with leaves - they are very difficult - for me at least - Ive had a great labor day weekend-- I made three pieces of art - They were great practice pieces and I learned from each - We also had a nice day on the boat - and dinner at red lobster -

baby steps no acrylic

This is how I wish this piece looked .... but I used photo shop to enhance the contrast 9x12 pastel on colorfix - the lower version is more accurate-- maybe a little faded on screen when compared to the actual piece - it is hard to get a good scan and then I guess it looks different on every monitor - I wanted to try to paint this in acrylic but I could not face putting pastels away and cleaning up my studio and setting up for painting so it is in pastel - I think I will just keep practicing in pastels but the next time I will be braver with color & contrast

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Portrait Practice

Ashley's dad - this guy has a great face -- very open and friendly and relaxed --with lots of character - pastel on aubergine colorfix - does not scan well 9x12 - not quite done but almost - tomorrow a sunset in acrylic - maybe

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thanks to Uncle Richard

My Uncle Richard made this beautiful Shaker Sewing Basket from a piece of silver maple - I received it just in time for my 60th birthday-- what a wonderful gift! He made several other boxes (a total of 5) and a bowl out of the same piece of silver maple and gave them to my sisters, my mother (his sister) and my brother -The sketch below was the front of my thank you note to Uncle Richard -