Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pastel version

I thought the water color was flat and boring so I tried the same reference in pastel-- I like it much better -- of course-- it took quite a bit longer to do about two or three hours compared to maybe an hour on the water color version--- this piece is 11" x 15" (on Brenda Mattson paper which I don't like )- I actually enjoyed doing this so maybe I will allow myself to do some more pastel and pencil pieces and work on watercolors and sketching a little less - AHHHHH it feels good to do something fun again

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Forcing Myself -#2

It's like a switch was turned off and the lights went out - I have not felt like making art in weeks and I miss it but I am having a very hard time getting switched back on - tonight I just forced myself - I found a photograph in a book about old houses and used it as a reference not good art but not awful - I think I just burned out for a while and now I'm trying to get going again - watercolor 8" x 11"