Monday, June 9, 2008

what is this ?

Very quick pastel sketch of some kind of fish bone I found on the beach - I think it might be something from an alligator gar - they are in this lake - interesting texture -- same piece top and bottom view -

6-12 I still don't know what this is but I am beginning to doubt it is a part of a Gar -I have sent my husband on a quest to find out from the locals -

6-13-The locals have spoken they are parts of a fin from an alligator gar the tip is like a flat bone claw - fascinating


Odd Chick said...

This reminds me of when Lewis and Clark would draw and describe what they found on their expeditions. Don't you wish sometimes we could lose the cameras and everyone go back to drawing what they saw?

PamYla said...

Beautiful drawing. What is an aligator gar though?

joejoe said...

it is so nice and reelistick . did you find it in your yard

joejoe said...

i like it alot i was woundering if you found it in your yard?