Saturday, June 14, 2008

feeling better now

Thanks for all the comments here and on the message board-- I feel much better now --I think it helped me to post that breakdown - and that being bad would not get me out of posting so --I tried a little harder and paid more attention and did much better -- I will get over my pen anxiety - my other thing is I tell myself I don't do water colors but thanks for the suggestion Sherrie & Deborah to use the color it was fun and sure helps improve the pen - It was like jumping into an ice cold pool very uncomfortable at first but then you get used to it - Thanks again to all the EDM positive people you do make a difference


lyn said...

Nice job! Look how confidant and lively you handwriting is,just let that flow right into some leaves or grass that you can't get wrong. The sensitive line in your signature can be applied to drawing. I always tell kids if they can sign their nme they have good enough eye- hand control to draw well! Have fun at it!

Alison said...

This is a lovely double page spread - I think colour is such fun too. I had my little paint box for 5 years before I was even game enough to open the wrappings - then I got Danny's book and ...If you have trouble getting the paint to apply to the moleskine pages, keep a sliver of soap in the paint box and just rub the brush over it before dipping it into the paint. It breaks the surface tension and stops the paint beading.

Quilt Knit said...

Hi! Kathleen: I did not mean to, imply watercolor only.
Since you love Graphite, for a touch of color why not
Graphite tints on your pen drawings? Or, colored pencils even water color pencils? There is a new series put called 'bIbles'. The first came out in May. It is on watercolor pencils and all the techniques.
Lynn, you are correct about Penmanship.
Sadly, no longerctaught
Allison, soaps are great, but use a mild non perfumed soap
such as Ivory.

((circle of Hugs))
Sherrie Roberts

Nature and Me said...

A lively and vivid sketch page - beautiful!

Deborah said...

I like pages that are set up like this, things of interest. Fun page.

Sandy said...

What a fabulous page, I love everything about it!! Welcome to EDM and enjoy, it never gets boring!!

purplepaint said...

Kathleen - I love this layout! Wonderful painting! Thanks for visiting my blog and yes I am purple paint. :)