Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sketches on Scraps

These are some small INK sketches (ok I forgot and made one in pencil) that I made at work today on little scraps of paper - I can't really work in the moleskine while I am at work --it looks like I don't have enough to do -

I am still having trouble to committing to ink it is out of my comfort zone -I think to avoid doing more ink sketches at night when I'm home I just started a new larger (11"x17") piece in pastel on Wallis sanded paper -- I think that the longer working time and ability to correct puts me in my comfort zone. I am taking digital pictures every 5 or 10 minutes I love to make "step by steps" to see the progress of the piece and maybe catch myself before it goes wrong -

I just put up two "step by steps" (the only ones I have ever done) on Flickr you can see them at

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freebird said...

Good idea to take those little bits and put them together on a page in your book.