Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I've been Tagged

over on Flickr they are playing a game of tag - if you are it you have to list 16 facts about you and post a photo of yourself - (I photoshopped my sister right out of this picture )

1. I'm the second of five children - I was also born a blond

2. My husband and I owned and operated an industrial manufacturing company

3. I love my children more than life itself - Two happiest days of my life were the days we brought our babies home from the hospital (we adopted both at birth)

4. My horse was named Cowgirl I loved to ride bareback

5. I taught snow skiing (snow plow classes)

6. I'm afraid of the dark (like a moonless night out in the woods no flashlight -)

7. My favorite food is Nachos

8. I listen to books on CD

9. I am a cancer survivor - I have been bald

10. I cannot sing - But I love to play music on my Hammered Dulcimer

11. Favorite music to listen to- Folk Based Blues -(Guy Davis)

12. I played the Cello when I was in Jr High School

13. Favorite summer drink is a Tanqueray Gin & Tonic

14. I had a flock of sheep and spun their wool and wove it on my loom

15. Gunnar & I lived in Ogden, Utah and Bellevue Washington in the 1970's

16. My sweet husband of 38 years makes me breakfast every Sunday


Kyfarmlife said...

What a pretty little girl you were! LOL And STILL are! So cool to learn facts about you like that!
You, me and Elaine...all cancer survivors! YEA US!!!!!! How many years now? 4 for me....but I'm having health problems again that are worrying me...sigh....think a continual fever is a sign of it coming back??? lethargic...its how I felt before they found it last time...guess I'll head to the've had a very interesting life! And YEA for you adopting! What a joy I would love to experience...too old now! LOL

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

What a gorgeous photo Kathleen. I come a family of six and my younger sister was adopted by my parents and I love her so much. Just reading Raes comment - not good on the cancer thing. I hope not! And she is right you all have survived the big C. My mother has Chronic Leukemia so I know what it's like to worry. Stay warm and take care

Taunya Rosenquist said...

So CUTE! you need to do a portrait of this! I love the last item .. gunner makes you breakfast. how sweet! I didn't peg you for nachos though.:) so much fun to read!