Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm trying to blog less create more

this was a demo/lesson on the Painting & Drawing channel that I watched on you tube last night -- the lessons change weekly so it may not still be there - I watched the video and then went straight to my studio to practice - It turned out ok but I don't like the sky - scan is not quite true to color but close enough -

This is the new challenge on Karin Jurick's Different Strokes from Different Folks I did this real quick in crayon & I like it way more than my water color for the last challenge -- but I'm posting the good and the bad so that was bad this one is pretty good - I'm considering if I want to do more or leave it as is -


Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Love both of them Kathleen. Scanners never do paintings the justice they deserve. I usually photograph mine now. Usually it's because they're too big to do anything else but use a camera. I love the shoes!!

Take care hope you are well

Kyfarmlife said...

beautiful (as usual!) LOL Love the shoes too! But I REALLY love your studio! How wonderful to have such a large work area!

bubblemunch said...

These are fantastic. Great use of colour. I much prefer this version, the stark boards in the background allow the boots to 'jump' more!