Sunday, November 16, 2008

A work in progess - it's all about ME!

I'm working on this little sketch of Arena her left eye is wrong & I'm not sure what about it is off or how to fix it-
but mostly the work in progress is ME -
I am working and learning at many levels. Here are some things I've learned so far -
Making Art is Hard Work
I like to work horizontally
I want to use sketchier looser lines-
Artistic styles and subject matter I admire are not necessarily styles or subject matter I like to use
I like working on landscapes and portraits of things and/or people
I don't enjoy doing still life arrangements or abstractions
I am easily distracted and like to try new things
I like to work in pastel and colored pencil
I want to take more workshops
I want to learn to use water colors
I'm not interested in selling my art work
I am interested in and enjoy the creative process
I love to buy art supplies and art books
Blogging is time consuming
I learn a lot when I try new things
I love interacting with artist's and creative people on line
I need to practice sketching people more
I don't want to make a cool journal
I do want to make good sketches
I am glad I joined everyday matters
I am still searching for my style
I need to improve my drawing skills
I want to be more aware of composition in my larger pieces
I need to get off the computer and clean house or make art!


Kathleen said...

and I just saw what is wrong!!!! the ANGLE of her eye is off it needs to be at the same angle as her right eye DUH - now I can fix that maybe

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Hey Kathleen did you know that peoples eyes are never even? something I read one time in Australian Artist. They're right. Don't stress about developing a style that develops as you develop and grow with each drawing or painting you do. You're way better than me and I'm still learning. My Lion picture has been a learning curve. He's getting there but far from finished. Best advice I can give is chill out and let time develop your style. I have had to do the same. I don't look for a style - I just have fun. Great drawing by the way. Keep it up Kathleen you are a great artist. Oh well better go and continue clearing up my house.
Take care Liz

BTW My Girls said to say the painting of Dusty is AWESOME!!!!I agree.

Starr said...

I really admire this post. I need to do this! I am glad it's all about you! And it should be. You are being so real with this blog. Love it. I think the drawing is beautiful and I really hope you didn't go clean house and made some more art:-)!

EWian said...

Lovely list!


Annie said...

I think your drawing is lovely!

Lisa Reed said...

So funny---your list could be mine! I totally relate! Anyway--she looks perfect to me--but you would know better. I have barely attempted people yet--but I will!

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

WHAT DO YOU MEAN you don't want a cool Blog... you already HAVE a cool blog. That is a lovely drawing of Arena... and if you had not said there was a problem with an eye I would not have was said earlier, people's eyes aren't always the same ... and the young lady is smiling and cocking her head a bit... so it looks fine to me.
When you die, do you want to me remembered for your clean house or your art and music?

kazumiwannabe said...

love your blog and your art. What you said about spending too much time on the computer... I feel like that often. But then, it's also the internet and blogging that have made me draw again and meet people at EDM... It's good too, it's like champagne, you just have to use it with moderation : )

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Such a gorgeous sketch. i love it just as it is. what a cute girl.

Cecelia said...

Cute little girl. I didn't see a big problem with the angle of the eye, but, to me, it looks like the right eye is a bit darker. Also the pupil on the left eye appears to be looking up a tiny bit more than the one on the right. Just a touch more of shading would take care of it, I think. Or, if you could lighten the one on the right, depending on which look you like best, darker or lighter.