Sunday, November 23, 2008

balancing my life

Little 4x6 pastel on a scrap of velour mat board - my studio is a wreck - I got sidetracked while organizing and worked on this instead - I need to finish organizing it so I can work in it - after all it is the most important room in the house!
It is so hard to find a balance - when you have four hours per week day and 16 hours each Saturday and Sunday to do all the things you want to do - but as I write 52 hours seems like a lot of time -

9 hours blogastinating & other computer related stuff
8 hours doing art
6 hours house work + laundry
6 hours TV
6 hours reading
4 hours playing hammered dulcimer
4 hours shopping
9 hours for everything else-
time with Gunnar- visiting with the neighbors- talking on the phone- daydreaming-going out to eat- motorcycle riding - etc.
Well after thinking about it I guess I don't waste as much time as I thought I think this is a realistic list (except maybe I spend less time on house work) I get a huge amount of enjoyment blogging and visiting blogs so to me it is not wasted time -


Ann said...

This is beautiful!
I know what you mean about trying to manage time and that there never seems to be enough of it.

Kyfarmlife said...

Your blog always blows me away! Your art is just so beautiful and tranquil!!!! Your making me want to try my watercolors, I need to get some confidence I think and just DO IT!

Jan said...

These colors are so beautiful. Nicely balanced life.

Lisa Reed said...

Very clever of you to break it down and look at your time. I love you art. Keep finding time to do that and blog it.

Ashley said...

I love the colors you used. This is so soothing to look at. Beautiful work as always:) And all that matters is that you are happy doing what you're doing:)

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Gorgeous work as always Kathleen. Just reading Raes comment there. I read your reply on her blog. That was awesome. We all have to find time somewhere to create. I love blogging too. Seems I'm doing lots lately. Great post and great artwork

Kyfarmlife said...

First, let me apoloize for not responding to your comment on my blog yesterday.....I have been trying to 'balance my life' too! There is always something I seem to be starting these days and feeling like I get nothing done! Arrrrggghhhh! But I read your comment and you really touched me with your (once again) inpiring words! You are SO right and it's something I need to remind myself more often than I do!!! Girl, you are seriously such a kind soul to take the time to encourage me like you did...and you did encourage me! Very much so! God Bless you, and I'm SO glad we have 'met'!!!! I have met some truly GR8 people here who are always encouraging me to keep trying my art... Now I'm gonna try to find some time to break out those water colors...sometime between every thing else, but I'm GONNA try it regardless of the outcome! I have some great workshops recorded...just need to try it! I'll let you know how it goes!

Kyfarmlife said...

I just read Liz's comment after coming back to see if you had a new post....You two (liz hope you subscribed to comments on Kathleens blog) have been THE BEST biggest supporters! I've never put anything like my attempts at art out there and for my first have been awesome!

Annie said...

sounds like time well spent! I love your artwork.

kazumiwannabe said...

This painting is beautiful! The velour gives a great effect! I've sent you a Marie Antoinette award to pick up on my blog if you feel like it. (more time Blogging, I'm afraid... ; )

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Yes, if push comes to shove... drop an hour or two of housework... it never gets done anyway... a clean house has no soul... Your art is too good ... blogging... well selfish me... how would I see your work if you didn't? Do what makes you happy... in the end that's what's important..

Starr said...

I love this blog. I am working on balancing time lately and it's amazing how time consuming life can be:-)!