Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dusty the Hen (originally posted as "Liz's Rooster or maybe its a Chicken)

I can't find the original link to this critter that I used as a reference but here is the blog where it came from- I did it a couple of weeks ago 3x5 watercolor in accordian fold sketch book --I didn't like it at first but now I do and oh well it is what it is (making chicken sounds for myself as I type .. bawk bwahck bwa bwa bawk)


Starr said...

This looks real. OMG! Wow! I love the colors and the background too. Unbelievable!

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

WOW!!!! That looks exactly like Dusty Kathleen. She's a hen. Roosters at my farm have been banned- we used to have three of them and they kept attacking my girls. I would swear that was the original photo that I took that day - it is so accurate right down to the comb and the wattles.My girls will be so thrilled!!!

You posted a chicken I had a fuzzy moment and did a cartoon of a NZ Pukeko Chick. Must be a day for birdies.

Take care Liz

EWian said...

Lovely hen, especially the eye, make her seems so "alive"


Kyfarmlife said...

Ditto Liz's comment! I LOVE it! Your really making me want to get back to my "learning" to draw and paint! Very well done and so Real!