Thursday, July 23, 2009

over worked but improved

this is about learning so I forgot about loose and tried to fix some of the things I did not like about this the first time I "finished the path" (see previous post for first version) -- I added more- and lightened the sky --- darkened tree foliage -- warmed up the path-- added a few foreground darks -- -

I think experience and understanding of what works imparts freshness and looseness and that means lots of trial & error -I need way more experience to get fresh and loose without overworking - I might try this again and see if I can get a better cleaner version - this particular piece is way over done but I did learn a lot

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cyn said...

On this corrected version, I actually like the earlier sketch better. It looks more real, with the lighting and composition. the second work looks a little overdone, yet unfinished, where the first one looks like a sketch of a moment in the day and you caught a realistic view. Sometimes you just have to know when to stop--but don't stop trying! You're doing great!