Thursday, August 28, 2008

My first real Journal pages

This page was done as part of an assignment for Mandy's journal project. Mandy recruited participants from around the world in the making of a journal that is part of the 1001 journal project. I volunteered to make some pages to be a part of her journal. Her journal will consists of Art Journal pages from 15 different contributors. She has sent out pages with written assignments for us to do. Some focus on technique, some on soul searching, some on observation. Contributing journalers then send their finished pages back to Mandy and include an assignment for her to do when the package is returned to her. My completed journal pages are on their way back to Mandy in the Netherlands.

This is one of the seven pages I was assigned. It is a map of my day -

I am not really a "journaler" or "collager" I am more of an "eater" and "drawer" ... but I really enjoyed the assignments and it was a fun and different experience I can't wait to see the whole journal. Some of the journal pages are -- well more personal than I am on my blog but ... they will be up for all to see when Mandy puts them up in her journal.

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Jan said...

Loved getting a glimpse of your day. curious about some of the artwork you created in the work rectangle esp. the "hot rus" in the corner. Forgive me, for I cannot help myself: but I hope your gumbo contained mussels and not muscles .. ewwww!
I really want the Rebecca pic but need to start sketching.

Kathleen said...

shoot I can't fix that ARGHHH !!!

kazumiwannabe said...

Great journal page - a lot of fun details and cool little drawings! And I loved the way the dog makes his way up during the night : )!

john.p said...

That's a good story/journal! I like a page that says something about you and your day.