Friday, June 11, 2010

Painting Little Jewels

I am having lots of fun wrinkling up wet watercolor paper and then dropping or painting with watercolors--I then let it dry a little and go back in and do a little negative painting - My paper does not hold up to this technique very well I'm using a student grade 90lb -I am going to try some other papers - 

I'm not very familiar with negative painting techniques and sometimes I  just define an area or two - but talk about loose - this is very very loose - two of these pieces I have done in other media I think I blogged them if so I'll post a link to my original versions - I have no idea if these are any "good" but I do know that I enjoy making them and looking at them so I guess that is all that counts for me- these are all small 3"x5"-
This is rock creek I did it in colored pencil as a thank you note to my uncle here

I tried this scene in pastels here  I like this version better.

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