Sunday, August 23, 2009

Correcting Mistakes

In school you had to go back and correct your mistakes -So I went back to see where I went wrong - how else will I learn???

Kajsa's head got way to wide and tall - I think part of the problem is that I work flat I think I should work on an easel and work vertically - parallel to my reference or subject -

This looks much more like Kajsa mostly I changed the width of her forehead and hair and enlarged the glasses I also narrowed her shoulders - Not a great or even a good work of art but definitely a learning experience -

Plus after seeing the corrected version on a computer screen I could see the bridge of her nose was not shaded correctly so it looks even better now -Pastels are great for fixing mistakes - I fixed them so I could see what I did wrong next time I might try to fix the art work - I am very please with the corrected version - and what I learned by doing it - ;-)


Jan said...

No offense but I think it looks like Cameron Diaz ...

cyn said...

The corrected version looks really nice! I can definitely see improvement, even though I have no idea what she looks like in person--she looks like a happy young woman in the correction! Good job!